2018 City of Ships exhibition to be held at Hoboken Public Library.

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 Jan 26, 2018-The next “City of Ships.” exhibition is to be held at the Hoboken Public Library in Hoboken, NJ.

The new exhibit will run from the beginning of June til the end of June, the theme of the exhibit will reflect on the local area and photographs taken from the Hudson County area of the port of New York.

One of the major highlights of the exhibit will be the section called the
QE2 pavilion.” 
Comprised of the work of Byron Huart, Lisa Plotnick, Barry Vaudrin, Patricia Dempsy & Ken Macleod.
The pavilion will also feature artifacts from the ship, such as luggage tags, lapel pins, old travel magazines and daily programs.
It’s a tribute to a ship that has brought many of us friends, fans, enthusiasts,  people whom worked on the ship and sailed on her together as a community.
The 2nd series to be highlighted is the “Uniting the Trinity.” series which comprises of passenger ships passing the rebuilt One World Trade Center.
For over a decade there was a great void in lower Manhattan where the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center once stood in after the 9/11 terror attacks. Over the years we eventually saw the rise of the new One WTC, when finally completed in 2013 it became a shining symbol of rebirth.
The work of Byron Huart documents the historic occasion of the great ships triumphantly passing the new WTC.

Queen Mary 2 passing the new WTC for the 1st time as the sun rises over Manhattan, September 2014

Celebrity Infinity passes the WTC, 4, 2014.

This year marks 10 yrs since founder Byron Huart started chasing ships in New York, in Jan 2008, he’s since coined the name “SHIP CHASER.”
Hoboken, NJ has vast maritime history, though the piers where the great liners of
Holland America Line and many other shipping lines of yesteryear are long gone, the modern cruise liners of today have become a fixture in the community as they routinely sail in and out of Manhattan passing the iconic skyline.

SS Rotterdam docked in Hoboken, NJ in 1960.

Cape Liberty Cruise port in Bayonne, NJ which was home to the US Military is now the only major port operating cruises out of the state of NJ, Royal Caribbean and it’s subsidiary Celebrity Cruises sail out of Bayonne and from time to time we’ll see rare visitors such as TUI and Princess Cruises ships docked there.  
With this new exhibit, Byron Huart invites the local community to enjoy and discover the amazing past and present history of their great community, he will also will be hosting a guided tour of the Hoboken waterfront.
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